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Windsor Body Issue 82: FEATURE


By Alyssa Leonard

Limber for Life Fascial Stretch Therapy Clinic is here to share your ambition to live a long, healthy, and active life. Located at 5914 Malden Road in Lasalle, the staff at Limber for Life understands the importance of your mobility, flexibility and the need to move your body without pain or limitations.

It is no surprise that a team comprised of former professional and recreational athletes, personal trainers, and registered nurses, know the importance of keeping your body  in tune. That is why Limber for Life offers not only massage therapy, but also Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) — a technique initially developed for Olympic athletes that has risen in popularity in recent years.

We sat down with Limber for Life to learn more about their new clinic, what they do, and what they offer.

Q. What is fascial therapy, and what are the benefits?

First, fascia is the connective tissue that is found throughout your body. It surrounds and supports every muscle, organ, bone, nerve fibre, and blood vessel. When stressed, the fascia tightens up, affecting your nerves and the flexibility of your muscles.

FST looks at the body as an entire connective system. It targets not only specific muscle sites, but fascia and joints as well. It works to relax your muscles and release your body from any tightness. This creates a deeper, longer-lasting treatment. Our therapists target your fascia using oscillating movements and gentle traction to stimulate blood supply to your joints, enhancing lubricated movement. This helps remove restrictions and improves motor control and body awareness.

These benefits are unique to fascial therapies. With other stretching exercises, like yoga, your muscles are always in a contracted state. Fascial therapies allow for complete relaxation of the tissues. With the assistance of a certified therapist, achieving great leaps in mobility has never been easier.

Q. What is fascial therapy, and what are the benefits?

First, fascia is the connective tissue that is found throughout your body. It surrounds and supports every muscle, organ, bone, nerve fibre, and blood vessel. When stressed, the fascia tightens up, affecting your nerves and the flexibility of your muscles.

These stretches are elegantly paired with gentle traction that enables joints to experience that much needed decompression. This is considered a more passive yet all-encompassing, noninvasive treatment.

As for a massage, it mainly targets muscle tissue by applying force supplied by the registered massage therapist. The intentions are to manipulate the tissue into a relaxed state manually. While working closely with the nervous system, this provides an environment that promotes relaxation in the muscles and the entire body as a system.

Both of these incredible therapies can be billed under extended health care plans here at Limber for Life.

Q. Limber for Life opened just before the pandemic hit.  How have you adapted to the challenges of COVID-19?

We have followed the government guidelines and then some, taking our time in re-opening to ensure the safety of our clients and therapists. We have full protective measures and cleaning procedures in place to give our clients complete peace of mind. Our therapists have a daily routine for disinfecting, including their rooms after each client and an overall disinfecting of the entire clinic multiple times each day. (To ensure our clients’ safety, we no longer have a waiting room.) As soon as a client arrives, we have them sanitize upon entry. They are then taken directly to a room to maintain social distancing. We have converted to a paperless workspace for our charting, intake forms, benefits forms and Covid surveys to decrease the number of surfaces that  are shared and touched. We have also implemented a barrier at the front desk to protect staff and clients.

Q. What makes Limber for Life stand out from the competition?

Communication is a huge part of your experience at Limber for Life. By listening to your concerns, we discover a plan that works best for you and provide a unique treatment to help you meet your goals. We also educate you on your ailments and the treatments we provide so that you understand what we are doing and why.

We provide a bright and cheerful environment with professional services to meet all of our clients’ needs — be it relaxation, therapeutic, injury, or just general maintenance to feel good. We have both male and female therapists to help our clients feel as comfortable as possible. We also offer a premium combination session where we split the time between FST and massage! Whether it is an even 50-50 split or 15 minutes of FST and the rest a massage, this is our perfect way of giving you the benefits of both amazing modalities.

Q. What is next for Limber of Life? Are there any plans to add new treatment(s) or technologies in 2021?

Presently, we provide FST, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, prenatal massage, cupping massage, aromatherapy reiki, and functional range conditioning.   We are currently offering 20% off your first visit with us when you see Michael — our newest registered massage therapist (who has training in reiki, aromatherapy, Swedish, and prenatal massage.)We are also looking into adding alternative therapies like acupuncture as well as opening another clinic to serve our clients better. We at Limber for Life are excited about the future!

Q. Is there anything else you would like the community to know?

Tina Pickle and Mark Eugeni, opened the clinic after they both personally experienced the benefits of fascial stretching and massage. It is their way of giving back to the community by offering a service that anyone of any age can benefit from. Limber for Life wants the community to be as healthy and active as possible. When you book with our Fascial Stretch Therapy therapists, we are offering 20% off first-time visits on any 60 minute treatments. We encourage everyone to try FST and we feel confident they will love it! Remember, active bodies are healthier bodies, and healthier bodies are happier bodies.

Located in the Zehrs Plaza on Malden Rd, in LaSalle (with lots of well lit parking.) We are open for weekend and evening appointments. To learn more about Limber for Life or to book your first appointment, call 519.915.2770 or visit