By Vanessa Steele, Medical Aesthetician At Image Clinic

As we continue to enjoy this season full of sunshine, warm weather and the outdoors, there always comes that moment when we realize, “How much of the sun is too much for my skin?” and question, “What do I need to do to keep it youthful?” Summer is particularly a time where most of us feel less is more on our skin, at least that is what I recommend to my clients as a Manager and Medical Aesthetician at Image Clinic, one of South Windsor’s Top Choice Cosmetic Clinics of 2018 and 2019.  I have always believed, and mentioned in previous articles, that our skincare regime should alternate as the seasons change, as well as our anti-aging treatments.

Thicker creams and more hydration in the winter (anti-aging treatments can be done deeper since there’s more downtime to heal without sun exposure), and lighter lotions and serums for summer (lighter treatments to maintain in the summer since they have less or no downtime at all).

In this article, I decided to share with you how I personally guide my clients to maintain themselves at whichever age they are, and what treatments I recommend the most for anyone looking to keep a youthful complexion during, and after the summer months.

Now, I always give my first recommendation that is the most important before any skin journey begins: water intake, and even more importantly, a healthy diet. The most successful results from any skin treatment or skincare bottle comes from keeping our insides just as cared for. I continuously stress that a happy gut leads to a happy and healthy glow. Whenever we notice our skin changing, whether it be a breakout, dullness, or pigmentation forming, always take action by paying attention if any skin routine or eating habits altered, or a change in hair products (ex. washes, leave-in treatments, etc.), or even being outdoors in the sun more than usual without protection. An example of a small change I suggest for most of my clients with long hair, that tend to develop a lot of jawline congestion (and has nothing to do with their skincare), is to start sleeping with their hair tied loosely on the top of their head instead of down and around their face during a night’s sleep. Sleeping with your hair down provides easier access for hair oils or products to congest our pores while sleeping, therefore, causing continuous congestion no matter how much one tries to stay on top of a good skincare regime, especially during hot summer months, when for most, produce more oils, naturally.


As for having a good skincare routine and staying on top of any skin changes, the most important step of all is to protect the investment of yourself and the skin you are in by using sunscreen. Summer is the time we must pay the most attention to sunscreen use and continuously maintain the habit all year round. My favorite go-to-products at Image Clinic that leave my skin (and all my clients that use it), feeling light, breathable and fully sun protected, is our mineral Colorescience line. This entire line provides a fully physical sun block in each of their products and has something suited for almost everyone from a brush-on SPF 50 sunscreen stick, to a full-coverage foundation powder; you never need to question if your skin is being compromised and can enjoy any day-to- day activities all throughout the year with healthy, breathable, protected skin.

Now, let’s discuss a few of my all time, go-to treatments for any woman or man looking to not only keep their skin rejuvenated and youthful (aside from skincare that is), but to also prevent or maintain their skin after any post summer damage. My ultimate go-to treatment, especially after the summer months, is a laser resurfacing peel done with our exclusive Fotona laser. This treatment is perfect for absolutely anyone looking to refine their skin from pigmentation, texture, fine lines, tighten laxity, as well as shrink pore size right down as we shed through tiny micron-thin layers of skin, safely. Another favourite of mine, along with many clients we treat at Image Clinic, is our Microneedling with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), aka “The Vampire Facial,” which is one of the latest anti-aging beauty treatments trending; the results are remarkable. Anyone looking for a treatment that does it all, PRP is the one for you. There is nothing more incredible than your own body providing you with all the nutrients and growth factors it needs to infuse back into the skin with a microneedling pen. Providing your skin with any type of microneedling treatment for full face, neck, and even décolleté, helps remodel collagen and build volume back naturally over time.

Another option for those opposed to, or not eligible for plasma (anemia, auto-immune disorders, etc.), is microneedling with a Beauty Booster that is created to add vitamins, antioxidants, peptides, and more into the skin, leaving it with a beautiful healthy glow post treatment as it feeds the skin everything it needs to restore.  Also, always remember that chemical peels are a fantastic option for those that want minimal to no downtime and allow an internal exfoliation to the skin as it breaks down pigmentation, melasma, acne scars, as well as, any active congestion.

As I hope this article leaves you with more of an open mind about options for your skin at any age, remember it is never too late to build the confidence in the skin you are in. Always be mindful of the time of year you are doing treatments and allow your professional aesthetician to guide you safely through what your own skin needs. I continuously remind my clients to train the skin they are in by giving it a few treatments yearly to maintain themselves through the aging process, and keep a youthful appearance at any age.

The process of aging is inevitable, how we work against slowing down the process is entirely up to us.