By Vanessa Steele, Medical Aesthetician At Image Clinic

Summer time. My absolute favourite time of year, as for most, to feel rejuvenated, a breath of fresh air to breathe in, and sun shining down on my skin to feel that natural Vitamin D as it clears away all my winter blues. My first priority during these beautiful summer months as a Manager and Medical Aesthetician for one of the Top Choice Clinic’s in Windsor, Image Clinic, I begin to transition my clients and educate them on their summertime skin: how to prepare for summer with treatments, how to protect from what comes from that sunshine, and how to adjust a regime accordingly by the seasonal change.

First things first: water intake. There is nothing more important that your skin wants, besides a solid skincare regime, other than water. H20 is your life saver for healthy looking skin during weather changes. The more hydrated we maintain our insides, the more hydrated and healthier we appear on the outside. It really is that simple. My next advice I like to always make so clear, as mentioned in the previous winter article, is how necessary it is to keep on top of exfoliating the surface of our skin. That being our face most importantly and never forgetting about our bodies as well. My top favourite exfoliation treatment at the clinic is our Dermal Infusion Silkpeel. There is nothing more satisfying than suctioning out every ounce of build up out of my client’s skin and infusing it with the proper solution necessary, customized to each client’s needs.

Having zero downtime with this facial treatment, it leaves my clients so refreshed and the cleanest they have ever felt their skin to be for weeks on end. I love pairing this with our Vitamin C Scrub as a take-home product. Its luscious citrus scent and perfect amount of grit is the best feeling to treat two to three times weekly or as suggested by your skin specialist.

As we take care of our summer skin, I also have a few more suggestions I make to my clients. One is always adjusting your skin care products by perhaps lowering the amount of active ingredients you use during the hot summer weather (ex. Glycolic Acids, Retinol, AHA/BHA’s, etc.), as well as using lighter lotions and even adjusting the amount of makeup coverage to allow our skin to breathe and clear itself naturally. That does not necessarily mean to discontinue the use of active products, as some must keep on top of their skin due to active acne, scarring, pigment, or entirely for anti-aging benefits, but just being more mindful when you are using them. Perhaps keeping them as a nighttime regime and save your less-active products for the morning as we are outside more often during nicer weather. If you know you will be travelling to a beach or laying by the pool, besides the stress of SPF which is my next point to touch upon, be mindful to not use any of those active products when in direct sun exposure as they will make you hypersensitive and at times cause further damage to the skin such as melasma, sun spots and  more later on.

My go-to product that has been my lifesaver the last four years, having olive toned skin that pigments very easily, has been our SkinMedica Lytera product. This pigment brightening serum has all the ingredients it needs, clinically studied, medical grade, that has been designed to defend against and correct any form of pigmentation that begins underneath the skin’s surface. It is created for all skin types and I cannot stand by a product enough that has helped my skin and can be used all year round.

The most significant product I most definitely cannot stress enough is the importance of wearing a topical sunscreen lotion. So many women and men work on their skin all winter to clear pigment, age spots, scars, and much more. As the summer months begin, the importance of protecting all the work you put in to your skin is done with just one simple step, adding an SPF after your morning skin regime. I like to call it the “icing to the cake” that makes sure everything else stays beautifully protected underneath. Of course, there are reasons more important, such as, the preventative of skin cancer, but the UVA/UVB rays are what causes most of the appearance of damage to our skin as time goes on. Using the proper sunscreen is also what I educate my clients about the most. My two top selling products at Image Clinic that provide an entirely full physical coverage (protected from all UVA/UVB rays, and not filtered) is my Colorescience Sunforgettable® Brush-On Sunscreen that is available in SPF 30 or SPF 50, as well as available in a variety of shades. Having won numerous beauty awards, it is the ideal SPF stick that you can toss in a purse or beach bag easily, while its natural sheer finish is up to 80 minutes water resistant. I also love suggesting this product as a setting powder after any type of liquid foundation to “set the makeup” and ensure you have SPF protection on daily. Those that like to keep it simpler and have it as part of their day lotion, my top selling during summer and all year long is our SkinMedica Total Defense + Repair Sunscreen Lotion. This product not only provides anti-aging benefits to reduce signs of aging as it’s being worn, but provides a combination of Vitamin E, green tea leaf extract and much more. This sunscreen lotion defends from all UVA/UVB sun exposure as well. Available in clear or tinted shade, oil-free, fragrance free, and created for all skin types. Another healthy skin practice to keep in mind is adjusting small habits such as adding a new favorite self tanner to your skin regime to feel more refreshed looking instead of laying out hours on end in the sun. As most could agree, there is nothing like a beautiful sun kissed glow to the skin, how we get there is entirely our choice.

As you have read this article, I hope it leaves you with a sense of confidence this summer that will ensure you stay on top of your skin health a bit more this year. There is nothing more confident than feeling confident in the skin you are in. Educate our younger generation on how important it is to protect ourselves from even the day- to-day fun of being outside in the sun and having a healthy skincare routine to look and feel our best. I always remind my clients that consistency is the key to success for good skin. If you stay on top of your skin regime, check in with your aesthetician for monthly maintenance, your skin will reward you the benefits of a healthy and happy glow in the end. Summer skin, we are all ready for you!