By Lina Stoyanova

Instead of promoting outside of the box thinking, Lakeview Montessori believes there should be no box.

“There are many reasons children are set up to flourish and succeed at Lakeview,” says Professor Maureen Harris, the guiding force behind this gem of a school.

Lakeview is fortunate to have a faculty of committed and experienced teachers who passionately provide a learning culture that celebrates the differences and similarities that make each and every one of us unique. They continuously inspire their love of learning in a warm and nurturing environment. That’s why each student who enters Lakeview has a personalized curriculum in addition to enjoying a 1-12 ratio throughout the whole school (pre-school to grade eight); it’s not an average school and your child won’t be forced to fit into a mould. In fact, your child is encouraged to excel at his/her own level without limits.

For 40 years Lakeview has cared about every child and staff member, which is why the new expansion will allow for a gymnasium, healing garden, and even more exciting perks. As the Ontario government cuts back on extra-curricular activities, Lakeview is actually expanding their music, art, and technology programs, to keep in tune with hands-on, individualized learning. As a non-for-profit school, Lakeview cares about giving back to the community. With many reasons to enroll your child, there’s never been a better reason to check them out.

INFANT (ages 6 weeks to 18 months)

The NEW infant program focuses deeply on being a home away from home. There are bright and spacious classrooms for endless stimulating activities, a great child-teacher ratio, and a fully fenced playground. Each parent can feel at ease; their child is in great hands. There are two, three, or five-day toddler programs for children ages 6 weeks to 18 months.

Toddler & Preschool (ages 18 months to 3 years & ages 3 years to 5 years)

Each child can enjoy the Montessori philosophy of supporting independence and confidence in the stimulating and engaging learning environment. French, Mandarin, coding, music and art are also introduced because at Lakeview learning and fun go hand in hand. There are two, three, or five-day toddler programs for children ages 18 months to 3 years. There are also five full or five half days for ages 3 to five years old.

Athletics Program

Physical activity and wellness are at the cornerstone of the athletics programs; encouraging a positive attitude, team building and positive self-esteem. Lakeview also offers an exceptional after school athletic program and joins with local private schools for sports events and competitions. There’s a lot of fun to be had.

Arts Program

Art: Like music, art students acquire mastery at their own pace, supported by passionate, highly trained and talented professionals. Visual arts is led by the incomparable Heather Taylor who is a talented artist and professional photographer who demonstrates skill, passion and dedication to her craft.

Music: The music program is led by professional musician, choral conductor and pianist, Iosif Mateiu. The general program includes band, composition, drumming circles, singing, and other music fundamentals, while the Montessori Mozarts program offers private lessons in piano, guitar, Yousician and voice. Lakeview is committed to inspirational learning through innovation and the arts. The enthusiasm is infectious.


As a 21st century progressive school, tech starts early – little ones are coding in preparation for robotics, design and STEM.  The new tech facility works in collaboration with local businesses that specialize in robotics and design giving students hands-on real-world experience. Before moving on to high school, Lakeview students successfully compete in University of Windsor STEM and First Lego events and competitions.  Innovative and creative problem solving is the norm at Lakeview.

The Human Factor

Lakeview also supports the faculty and staff to help nurture a culture of wellness.  The new healing garden offers an escape from the daily busyness and a time to recharge and be mindful. Happy, healthy and engaged teachers translates into amazing students.

Don’t just think outside the box, think no box when you think of Lakeview. Tailoring individualized, hands-on education, your child gets the best with Montessori. For more information, please visit

With renovations taking place and lots of exciting things to come, we strongly encourage everyone to keep checking back on the website for more information. The online inquiry process is now open, and everyone is encouraged to book a tour! Call (519) 735-5005 or email