The Healthy Side of Pizza

We can trace pizza’s origin all the way back to the first century BC. Today, it’s one of the most popular dishes in the world. One of the biggest misconceptions about pizza is that it belongs in the “fast food” category, where it can find itself lumped alongside greasy burgers and fries. To the contrary, when it comprises the four major food groups (meat, dairy, grains, and fruit and vegetables), pizza is part of a well-balanced diet that provides a significance portion of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and nutrients. Pizza also has significant health benefits.


Tired, achy, and sore legs?

Most of us that sit or stand all day at work or home can’t wait to put our feet up. Most of us also assume that sore, painful, tired, and achy legs are just part of the job. Unfortunately, these complaints do not resolve themselves and, in time, can turn into larger health issues.


Frankly, we understand that eating unhealthy food is not a moral transgression. As long as you know your goals, it’s perfectly okay to indulge yourself once in a while so long as you’re aware what you’re getting into..


When the neuroscientist Susan Barry was fifty years old, she took an unforgettable trip to Manhattan. As she emerged from the dim light of the subway and stepped into the sunshine, she saw a view of the city that she had witnessed countless times before. It was astonishing; she had never seen anything like it.