“I want to help people,” says Windsor’s Dr. Christopher Cole, “not sign them up for unnecessary procedures.” If it sounds like an unusual attitude, that’s because Dr. Cole, experienced physician and founder of the Cole Clinic for Hair Transplants and Laser Therapies, is not your average practitioner of aesthetic medicine. “I’ve never felt comfortable being a salesperson,” promises Dr. Cole. “It’s a conflict of interest. My staff and I really want to do the right thing for people. You can change people’s minds through awareness sometimes, but other times they need a surgical intervention to give them a better sense of happiness, peace, and contentment in their lives.”


Being active is not just for people looking to manage or prevent diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, and certain types of cancer, weight, stress or mental health. Being active is not just for the aging population but also for young kids. Being Active is for everyone.


Superfoods, like Superman, don’t really exist. Which isn’t at all to say that we have no use for them. If you think about it, it’s a pretty useful comparison. Both are culturally significant fantasies that were invented to encourage you to buy things, but they do ultimately offer a pretty good starting point for real virtuous behaviour.


The story of retired NHLer Brian Pothier is a classic narrative of a courageous athlete who refused to give up in the face of adversity – even after injuries removed him from his sport for more than a year. More importantly, Pothier’s tale also reminds us about the complexities of concussion-related injuries.