You’ve done this diet and that diet, and spent every penny towards “yoyo” fads you saw in magazines and online that ultimately brought you back to where you started. Like most of us, you absolutely dread stepping on the weight scale, as the mirror you look into every day doesn’t reveal the ideal figure you envision.

What else can you do?

First off, trash the word “diet”; it makes every one of us cringe. Instead, what if I told you with just your smartphone and an open mind to eating flexible meals throughout your day, you can reach the figure you’ve always longed for?
The flexible approach to “dieting” allows you to really enjoy the food that you are eating. In time, it will allow you to be more cautious of what you are eating. We all have that sweet tooth or those foods of which we can’t let go. Luckily, this approach won’t hold you back from those favourites; it allows them in moderation. In the end, which foods you would like to consume is really up to you.

Each and every person has a set ideal number of calories to take in each day. Essentially, to lose weight an individual has to be in a caloric deficit (consuming less than this ideal calorie figure). If this individual wants to eat more than this maintenance number of calories, he or she will then enter a calorie surplus and begin to gain weight. The question is: How do you find out this magical number?

With technology always advancing, we are tethered to our smartphones. Little did you know: your trusty weight-loss saviour is in the palm of your hand. For years, I have been using MyFitnessPal on my mobile device.

The website makes it simple to track your nutrition and activity wherever you may be.

The service also comes in the form of an easy-to-use app, which will break down the goals you have set for calories. Along with this caloric breakdown, MyFitnessPal will automatically distribute your daily “macros”: your appropriate amounts of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and any other nutritional information you would like to cover.

Even in a rush, MyFitnessPal will allow you to easily scan any packaged barcode and implement that item in your daily log. The best part of it is you get to decide what and when you want to eat. You are in the driver’s seat of your own transformation.

Unfortunately, those around us have labelled what are considered “good” and bad foods. While they are right in some ways, in others the flexible approach to eating will allow you to have more freedom. Typically, your body will run more efficiently off “good,” clean carbs, fats, and proteins. It would be ideal to only eat clean foods to get much more out of the calories given. However, eventually your body will shut down and crave a treat, snack, or favourite food you wouldn’t typically enjoy on a “diet.” The flexible approach will allow you to have that. Go ahead! But remember: eating those treats can lead to fewer available calories throughout the day, and it will take a lot more from your nutritional breakdown.

A natural anti-sceptic with antibacterial properties, turmeric is also thought to contribute to good skin health. Researchers are currently investigating topical preparations for specific skin disorders, including psoriasis.When it’s all said and done, allow yourself to choose what you eat. If you truly want change, you will find it within you to take that step to better yourself – to look in the mirror again and be proud of what you see. You can be that figure you envision. There is no stopping a mind that is set on that goal. We are now past the era of these horrible fad “diets.” After all, being told to eat this and that has no bearing on what you want to eat.

Dig deep, smile, and just enjoy life more. Be “flexible.”

As always, this magazine’s nutritional and dietary advice is provided in good faith but is ultimately offered for general information and entertainment purposes only. If you have serious concerns about what you’re putting in your body, we encourage you to seek the counsel of an actual medical professional in a recognized field.